British Quad Bikes specialises in sourcing the best Value Quad Bikes and making them available to customers in Britain.

Our aim is Quality at an Affordable Price, here at British Quad Bikes we know that customers want a Quad Bike that is well specified and well supported with Spares and a knowledgeable technical support that will always be available. All this need not be expensive, as we sometimes see with the BIG global brands that dominate the markets.

Until now Budget Price Quads have always been the domain of pop up, here today, gone tomorrow sellers on ebay. British Quad Bikes is here to stay.

The Greener Tomorrow

British Quad Bikes is also looking to the future and is in active market research to progress into Electric Quad Bikes for the Adult market, both the leisure market and the agricultural market, where climate concerns dictate a move away from the Internal Combustion Engine.

The Greener and more sustainable Tomorrow means that both the leisure and commercial use of quad bikes must adapt to the electric powertrain, battery technology is advancing rapidly as well as the motors being used. The Road Cars have been embraced by the public, its now time for the Off Road All terrain market to embrace the battery and electric future.