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WHAT? Quad Bike or ATV you require will depend on what you intend to do with it. There are many considerations that depend on the age of the rider and where you will be riding your bike.

If a Sports ATV Quad ride is What you are looking for then the Off Road sports versions are to be considered, the engine sizes range from a Minimum of a 110cc for an adult up to 300cc for full on adrenaline Rushes. Road registration won't usually be a consideration in this category so a set of of Road tyres will be standard. Don't be tempted to ride off road tyres on the road for extended periods they will wear out in no time and are not cheap to replace.

If an Road ATV QUAD version is what you are looking for then we suggest that you check out the specific versions for this, the Gearing ratio is set up so that they can comfortably cruise at a higher speed. Its not simply a matter of changing the Sprockets to achieve this, the gear box ratios are specific to road use as well.

If an Agri Quad ATV is What you are looking for then there is plenty of choice here at British Quad Bikes. An AGRI quad ATV is a Quad ATV that has been specifically designed for Use mainly off road and for agriculture, Small holdings forestry and livestock use. There are special Road Registration Rules for this type of Quad ATV and they can be registered without type approval and certificates of conformity if they are only for limited road use of around 10 to 15 miles.

Please see our section on Road Registration by clicking HERE